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List of accepted papers:

Of ants and elephants
Asaf Shiloni, Noa Agmon, and Gal A. Kaminka
Multi-robot systems optimization and analysis using MILP and CLP
Christian Reinl, Florian Ruh, Frieder Stolzenburg, and Oskar von Stryk
Formal behavior specification of multi-robot systems using hierarchical state machines in XABSL
Max Risler and Oskar von Stryk

This paper presents the latest developments of the Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language (XABSL), a modular and scalable tool for engineering complex multiagent behavior. It is based on hierarchical finite state machines. By the new extensions the development of cooperative multiagent behavior is supported through language elements which allow to conveniently specify how the state machines of multiple agents interact. Basic properties of XABSL are illustrated in direct comparison with Petri Net Plans and the COLBERT language using examples of basic robot behavior. More complex examples from robot soccer are used to illustrate the new extensions of XABSL. The complete system is available online on the XABSL website (

Combining supervisory control of discrete event systems and reinforcement learning to control MRS
Goncalo Neto and Pedro U. Lima
A temporal logic for multi-agent MDP's
Wojciech Jamroga
Greedy approaches for solving task-allocation problems with coalitions
Xiaoming Zheng and Sven Koenig
A fast conjunctive resampling particle filter for collaborative multi-robot localization
Andrea Gasparri, Stefano Panzieri, and Federica Pascucci

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